KARMA Tigrina

Alocasia 'KARMA Tigrina' is the most recent innovation in the collection and is distinguished
by its beautiful black veins in the leaf. In addition to the beautiful drawings in the leaf and stem,
it is also nicely compact.

Lots of colours, shapes and plant varieties

Karma Selections

Since 2000, Karma Plants has distinguished itself in the market with its high-quality Anthuriums. In order to supply clients even better and more specifically, it was decided to grow other tropical house plants in addition to Anthuriums. This has led to a beautiful and diverse range of tropical house plants with the name 'Karma Selections', guaranteeing the well-known 'Karma quality'. The range is chosen with the utmost care and many preliminary tests. With this you are assured of good plants. Below you can read the different options that we offer under Karma Selections.

Karma Anthuriums | Endless Flowering

Anthuriums come in many different sizes and colours. Thanks to a wide range at Karma Plants, clients can get a lot of diversity and then supply them to their happy clients. Being surprised every season, who wouldn't want that? With the 'Endless Flowering' label, the focus is on flowering anthuriums. New anthurium varieties are carefully selected, looking specifically at the needs in the market and, of course, the adding value to the entire 'KARMA' collection. Below we have made a distinction between the 'multiflora' and 'grandiflora' anthuriums.


The 'multiflora' types actually say it all, this one is known for its many often ribbon-flowered flowers. The DNA of the plant is distinguished by easily growing many flowers. In addition, she also has a nice compact plant structure. The well-known 'multiflora' varieties at Karma Plants are the 'KARMA Million Flowers and the 'Joli' family with already four different pink shades, each with its own strength. Genetically, the entire 'Joli family' is identical except for the color of the flowers. The photo shows the latest 'KARMA Joli Pulse'.


The 'Grandiflora' types are the species in which the flowers are somewhat larger and have the well-known heart-shaped flowers. Here too there are fun and surprising varieties with unique colors such as black - 'KARMA Black' and yellow - 'KARMA Vanilla', but also beautiful two-tone anthuriums. Strong plants and beautiful bright colors make these types very popular throughout Europe.

Karma Heroes | Botany

The botanical plants have been a new within Karma Plants since 2018. By staying in touch with clients, there have been many positive reactions from clients to the development of botanical plants. The varieties and number of different species continue to grow and will therefore receive nice innovations in the near future. This varies from pot size 9cm to pot size 27cm. In this way we try to make the perfect combination for every market. Below we have a selection from the range, each with its own strengths.

Botanical Anthurium

Known for its extremely strong roots and the ideal ease of care when it comes to its location. She can tolerate the sun, but she also knows how to conquer a shaded spot in the house or office. A real hulk among the green plants!


The philodendron is a plant that has many varieties on the market. At Karma Plants, a careful choice has been made for, among other plants, the Philodendron 'KARMA Whitestripe. The 'KARMA Starfire' is also been added which gives a great contrast between the other Philodendrons.


special new Alocasia has been added to the collection, the Alocasia 'KARMA Tigrina', which also has the unique (zebra) drawings in the stem, but also a completely different leaf structure. The long narrow leaves with black veins make her different from usual.

Karma Crystals | Anthurium Crystallinum

This collection is one of a kind and very unique with its own characteristics. Beautiful shimmers on the silver veins and also under the leaves, which give this plant a wow factor. A unique plant that will be a new favorite.

Hybrid (large)

This one has a unique distinction with its leaf size. It makes less leaves, but leaves can easily grow to 50 cm

Hybrid (compact)

A rare and unique plant with limited availability. Due to the limited numbers, you are therefore guaranteed a special plant


The first successful crystallinum mulitplied from the lab. The year-round quality in equal growth and is therefore a great asset

Karma Jewels | Jewel Orchids

This is a new addition that Karma Plants has recently added to the collection. Some are already familiar with these trendy plants. Distinguished by the beautiful and unique drawings on the leafs. Also well known on many social media and a popular plant for real plant lovers. We are constantly working on fun new variants to broaden the collection. The ideal types that are extremely suitable for terrariums where they hardly need any care.


The Macodes Petola is a well-known jewel orchid. The first variety in the 'Karma Jewels' collection has been put on the market by Karma Plants. These glitter plants are therefore indispensable in the collection!

Currently there are two 'Macodes' types available in the collection. KARMA Emerald (see photo) aka 'Macodes Petola' and the KARMA Tigereye aka 'Macodes Lowii'.


The Ludisia is already a well-known phenomenon in the market. For a few months now, Karma Plants has taken the step to make a selection of these varieties and has resulted in two special varieties.

The KARMA Ruby (see photo) aka Ludisia Discolor and also the green variant of the KARMA Jade.


A wide range of Anoectochilus has been added to the range. View the digital catalog for the many variants.

Collections Videos

Below you will find some videos from the KARMA Selections collection. One of the owners, Maurice Langelaan, explains with each video what is beautiful and unique about the plant. Maurice is also the person who selects new varieties of plants within the company. Therefor the best person to explain why the choice fell on these plant varieties.

Garden of Karma

The new concept at Karma Plants with arrangements in which the plant is combined with glass. Here you have different variants such as terrariums, where the plant can maintain itself extremely well. In addition, there are also nice other glass products, each of which gives a luxurious look and guarantees high-quality and durable glass where quality comes first.


For the past three years, nice glass items have been added to the collection, in which the combination has been sought with the anthuriums. This has also been expanded further and has grown into its own label 'Garden of Karma'. We only work with high-quality and durable glass, with a guarantee of quality.

Karma Jewels

These 'KARMA Jewels' are definitely a favorite for terrariums. With the beautiful drawings in the leaf you can look at it for hours through the glass. By hardly having to take care of the plants, this is the ultimate for people who do not have green fingers. The ease and long-term enjoyment of these gems make this a real asset!

Ceramics and more

With it's own team, we work hard every season to create own ideas and designs. Due to the Waterwick cultivation system, there have recently been some ceramic lines where a water reservoir has already been incorporated. These are therefore easily recognizable under the 'Karma Selections' label.

There are three themes that correspond to the current trends in the market. Sweet Traditions, focused on the soft and sweet colors and the holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Urban Nature, focused on nature and soil complexions that last throughout the year. Luxury Bliss, focused on luxury themes such as gold and bronze tones, but also the Christmas season.

Sweet Traditions

Here you see soft colors that mainly consist of pink tones. Our new line 'LOVELY' is a beautiful new addition that includes a water reservoir. A good choice if you are looking for something sweet like Mother's Day. The anthuriums are the perfect plant for this and with a beautiful plant pot combination a nice addition to the range.

Urban Nature

Here nature plays the leading role, both in the natural colors and in the structures and materials. A nice new addition to this theme is the ceramic 'JADE' made of concrete and has the appearance of stone in the color green. The new 'EVY' line also falls under this theme and has a unique appearance.

Luxury Bliss

A new addition to this theme is our line 'INFINITY'. A beautiful concrete pot in combination in gold, silver and pink gold.

Curious about the full collection?

Digital Catalog

In addition to printed versions, we also have the brochure digitally. Are you curious and do you want more details about the entire collection within Karma Plants? Enter your details below and receive it digitally in your inbox.

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