Grown with Waterwick

Grown with Waterwick is a new innovative way of growing. It is a sustainable cultivation system in which the plant optimizes water consumption in an optimal way.

A great prospect with this system is the fact that Grown with Waterwick makes it easier to grow the plants peat-free. This development is one of the benefits of Grown with Waterwick.

By means of a blue / white wick that is used at the nursery from the moment the plant is potted, the plant absorbs its water and nutrition when it needs it. As a result, the plant experiences a stress-free growth and a nice consistency of growth. These ideal growing conditions are immediately reflected in strong root formation, which makes the plant grow even stronger.

A summary of the benefits with Grown with Waterwick are;
• Energy and water savings
• Growing peat-free more easily
• Strong root formation
• Equality in growth in parties
• Stress-free plants
• Plant absorbs nutrition as needed
• Plant turnover increases by 10-15% per year.

The cultivation system of the future!

Karma Selections

Endless Flowering

With a wide range of pot Anthuriums in pot sizes 9cm, 12cm, 17cm, 21cm and 27cm (on request). We are always looking for new varieties and surprise our customers. We believe in the continuous development and improvement of our plants.

The wide range can be used very well to allow clients to renew the colors and shapes on the shelf. In this way we think along with the clients, offering the ideal color compositions for the season.


Botany is a new product line of Karma Plants we have been selected carefully our green products. With our advanced surroundings and equipment of our greenhouses we are able to produce high quality green plants. We provide this new product line to our current anthurium clients.

Karma Creations

We distinguish between colors, materials and trends with three different themes.

Sweet Traditions focuses on the traditions and in terms of colors on the colors such as pink, peach and red.
Urban Nature is close to nature and has a natural look with earth and green tones and materials such as concrete and glass.
Luxury Bliss uses high-quality accents here. It is more focused on the fall and Christmas colors such as gold, purple and red.

Ask here the new catalog of Karma Plants

Eco Friendly

Photo: NEXT Garden | Spot Companion

Karma Plants took the first initiatives towards sustainability a few years ago. From the generation of energy to the packaging of the products.

Recycled water system
From 450,000 square meters of greenhouses, all rainwater is collected and stored via special gutters and brought to a large water reservoir lake. This method is the world’s largest irrigation water system.

Solar panels park
Studies have proven that solar panels yield the most on cold surfaces, all of this has led to us having solar panels installed on the lake. With more than 6000 solar panels currently we have Europe’s largest floating solar panel park.

Another big advantage is that the quality of the water is better because the water becomes less hot.

ECO Packaging
The large wholesale companies have big goals when it comes to replacing all plastic packaging in the coming years. In the plant industry it is a big challenge, because plastic is transparent and water resistant to find a good sustainable replacement for it. We accepted the challenge and after a lot of brainstorming, designing and testing we are extremely proud that we have been able to develop an entire sustainable line.

Karma ECO sleeve & Karma ECO giftcover

We can also tell you that we are going to use a special type of paper in our new boxes that will soon be on the market. These have been specially developed with a moisture-retarding effect.

Karma Transport verpakkingen
Largest floating solar farm
Largest floating solar farm

We our proud to be part of this innovative way of collecting energie with 6000 solar panels. Our goal is to be 95% climate neutral at the end of 2020.

Creations by Karma
Creations by Karma

Our creative team understands customer needs, spots upcoming trends and innovate with new creations |

Sweet Traditions • Urban Nature • Luxury Bliss

Random Quote

“Grown with Waterwick is the new innovation for sustainability”

New Construction

The new expansion is finally completed after a year. We are very proud of the end result and would like to take you along in our new video (last from the right). Here you not only see the new construction areas, but we also give a look through the whole company.

With this new step, we ultimately have 89,000m2 with greenhouses, storage and a beautiful presentation area. By means of a new heating technique we have connected the new greenhouse and the existing greenhouses.

This makes it possible to grow our plants with considerably less energy, whereby residual heat will be reused and we are a lot closer to our aim to be climate neutral.

Our Story

We are a family business established in 2000 and a leading grower of anthurium in Europe. Since our start we are dedicated and passionate in providing our customers with top quality products and customer satisfaction.


We offer a full range of pot anthurium varieties which enables our customers to create a complete assortment of their choice. Our state-of-the-art production facilities enables us to grow our plants in optimal condition all year around. As well as offering standard and exclusive anthuriums, Karma Plants has the widest and most exclusive range of anthurium potplants market. Customers includes high-end florists, garden centers, local flower shops, DYI chains and supermarkets to mention a few. We can provide for each client the perfect combinations and varieties whole year round. Since the beginning, our customers and employees are our focus. We are proud of every plant that leaves our nursery.The team has grown over the years, and we are now 24 people caring for our plants and customers.
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