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We are a family business established in 2000 and a leading grower of anthurium in Europe. Since our start we are dedicated and passionate in providing our customer with top quality products and customer satisfaction. We take pride in what we do and we hope you like our flowers as much as we do. We would love to hear from you, don’t be a stranger. You can find our contact details at the end.

Our name ‘Karma’ (Plants) is based on our philosophy that continuous improvement will have a positive effect on our employees and customers. Karma is the universal principle of cause and effect. We believe in a partnership with our customers, we love to listen and adapt to our customers needs. The same goes for our employees, teamwork is key and creating an environment where people can grow.

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Mini Anthurium Collection Mini Anthurium Collection
Mini Anthurium Collection
Karma Mini Anthurium Collection
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Multi Flora Compacta Multi Flora Compacta
Multi Flora Compacta
Karma Mini Anthurium Collection
Karma Plants produced a new anthurium line “Multi Flora Compacta” which consists only the most compact anthuriums with small flowers ... View Article
Widest anthurium range Widest anthurium range
Widest anthurium range
Karma Mini Anthurium Collection
Currently the widest anthurium collection is available at Karma Plants! Each year this variety is growing to even more exclusive anthuriums ... View Article


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“Consistency in quality is what we are best known for”

Eco-friendly Packaging

Many of us has seen the pictures and heard about the “plastic soup” in our oceans and the effect this has on our environment. Big retailers have made it their BIG goal to replace all plastic disposables in the coming years. In the plant business this is a challenge, as plastic is transparent, water-resistant and customers want to see the flowers.

We took on this challenge and after brainstorming, design work and testing we are pleased to offer a new type of eco-friendly packaging. Our customers now have a choice of 100% recyclable paper boxes and paper sleeves with FSC certified paper.

Karma - Eco - Box
Karma - Eco - Sleeve
Karma - Eco - Gift
• 100% plastic free • 100% recyclable FSC • Customised design • Protects the flowers • 5 or 10 plants per box • 100% plastic free • Quality kraft paper • Customised design • Protects the flowers • Unique Eco product • 100% plastic free • Virgin fiber carton • Customised design • Protects the flowers • 100% nature gift cover

"We are proud that we have put ourselves in the leading group of growers to offer our customers 100% plastic free packaging"